Making Peace

My anxiety about the whole surgery situation actually seems to be going down rather than up. As each day passes, I seem to accept more and more readily that it is going to be very hard, but that I’ll get through it. I seem to have accepted within myself that I’m going to go through with this, I will not back out.

I’ve spent this evening reading decompression surgery success stories, which you can find here. I look forward to adding my own amongst them in the near future.

What I’ve gathered from the majority of these stories is that the hospital stay and recovery is very difficult (to the point where people have described it as “feeling as though I was going to die” or “wondering if I’d made a huge mistake”), but that positive thinking and taking adequate time to rest and recover make all the difference. Most amazingly, I’ve also learnt that a complete recovery is possible, and that people describe it as having a new life after surgery.

My fingers are crossed… 11 days to go.

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