A Hairy Tale

I suppose for most people, there are more important things to worry about before brain surgery than the state of your hair. For me, on the other hand, I was facing an imminent crisis if I didn’t find a way to manage the tentacle abomination that was my regular hairstyle. For the last year or so, I’ve sported a giant, waist length head of dreadlocks. Sadly, giant head + neurological problems generally = sad neurologists, so I’ve had to wear a kind of temporary dreadlock that can be removed with about half a day’s notice (and put back in with a full day’s hard work).

Here’s my normally dreaded self (feat. posing cat):

Yeah that’s a pretty big head. That wasn’t going to do for brain surgery (and the weight of it was not helping my Chiari pains, no siree), so I sat down in front of an old childhood movie (to help numb the frustrating pain of untangling dreadlocks) and took them out. What I was left with was the curly and frizzy mess that is my natural hair:

😦 Very sad head… Of course, the idea of going into surgery with that mop, that tangles up at the drop of a hat, was none to appealing either. So I opted to cut most of it off.

Of course, with my sound sensitivity, getting my hair cut is not just a casual trip to the local hairdresser. I had to travel over to my old hairdresser who had an understanding of my condition and didn’t mind me wearing earplugs and not understanding a word she was saying. As a Chiarian, I also can’t get my hair washed at those ridiculous basins because they put pressure on all the wrong spots where there’s already too much pressure, so having a hairdresser that understood that I had prewashed my hair and didn’t try to push me into a ridiculous head scrubbing session was also essential. The salon was darn busy, and at times I wondered if I’d even make it through the appointment, but I pulled through. At the end, not only did I have sexy new hair, but my hairdresser gave me a free hair dryer silencer that is apparently only supposed to be sold to salons. Neat!

This is me now, looking completely different to my dreaded self:

And with my cat whom I had just woken up and was in no way interested in posing this time:

Okay, so the haircut looks pretty nice and it will be very easy to manage, but I’m just not going to feel like me until I’m a pile of dreadlocks all over again.

3 thoughts on “A Hairy Tale

  1. You look beautiful. Hair grows back. You had long dreads before. You’ll have them again.

    Good luck on your surgery tomorrow. All of us on the Chiari site will have you in our thoughts. 🙂

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