Two nights before my admission to hospital, my family and local friends got together to celebrate my upcoming challenge with a feast in Viking style. We all got some ridiculous costumes in order, then everyone helped in the kitchen to prepare the meal of vegetable soup, baked potatoes, loaves of bread, a selection of goats, sheeps and jarlsberg cheese, roast chicken, non-alcoholic home made mead and alcoholic store bought ale and cider. With the mead we made a triumphant toast “To Ella’s brain!”, then dug into the food, emerging several hours later rather over-sufficiently full.

The night was a complete success and loads of fun for all of us. From that moment, I knew I had the best support for my surgery imaginable. I knew my family and friends were right there with me, and were as willing to celebrate and go into this with a smile as I was. It was then that I decided: “This surgery is going to be an amazing experience, not a horrible one”.

Here are the pictures we took on the night. Sorry there aren’t more, but wordpress isn’t allowing me to upload much today!:

Left to right: Jenny (sister), John (father), Jordan, Patrick, myself.

Same as before, but with my Melody (my mother) on the right instead of me.

Note: I know many of you are waiting for surgery updates, but I have been so tired until now and I’m trying to update everything in order! In short, my recovery is speeding along at an amazing pace. The pain is very manageable and my energy levels are great. My surgical staples came out today, which was very easy (we got a video of it! Look forward to that :P). I have my sick moments and my well moments, and at the moment it’s unclear how many of my Chiari symptoms have subsided, but it seems like everything is going perfectly!

One thought on “Skål!

  1. That’s wonderful. What an awesome support network you have. I’m happy to hear that things are going well. It’s great to see that you’ve turned this into a positive experience. There are so many people that don’t.

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