Gory news, everyone!

Today we noticed that my surgical incision was gaping considerably at the bottom. The top is healing nicely, but the part that sticks out from my hairline has been pulled apart by my apparently-too-boisterous activities over the last few days. There’s no bleeding or anything, but it is a bit crusty, red and slightly infected looking, so we’ve bandaged it up with some betadine ointment then it’s off to the doctors tomorrow to go get it stitched/glued shut again.

It’s not really painful, just a little tender to touch and it itches like mad every now and then. Here’s hoping they don’t stitch me tomorrow. I’m a wimp, I don’t want stitches. Glue all the way!

I hope you all got the Hubert Farnsworth reference, if you didn’t then please ignore the picture of the old cartoon man. I watched way too much Futurama in hospital.

2 thoughts on “Gory news, everyone!

  1. LOL. I read the entire article in Farnsworth’s voice. Made is seem much less serious than it actually is.

    I’ve been keeping up with your progress. I’m happy to see that, for the most part, things have been going very smoothly. Good luck at the doctor’s office tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed for glue.

    “I do believe in fairies. I do believe in fairies.”

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