Posted in April 2012

I said I’d be honest, didn’t I?

My aim for this blog has been to give an honest account of not only the physical but the emotional experience of fighting a disability. So far I think I’ve done okay, but it’s starting to get more difficult as I experience some of the negative effects of coming out of a disability. It’s quite … Continue reading

Chiari Malformation in Retrospect

Okay, so that second surgery I needed a while back was actually pretty anticlimactic. I got in there on the morning, bright and early at 6:30AM, and quickly got taken to the day surgery unit where they put my ID tags on and gave me a gown to dress in. I had my consult with … Continue reading

Surgery Round 2: here we go!

Well it’s been a little while since I wrote in here, because honestly I think I’ve wanted to get as far away from the idea of brain surgery and disabilities as possible since I have been recovering so well. No such luck, though. If you’ll recall, last time I wrote here I was saying that … Continue reading