Posted in March 2012

Gory news, everyone!

Today we noticed that my surgical incision was gaping considerably at the bottom. The top is healing nicely, but the part that sticks out from my hairline has been pulled apart by my apparently-too-boisterous activities over the last few days. There’s no bleeding or anything, but it is a bit crusty, red and slightly infected … Continue reading

Posterior Fossa Decompression: part 4

Five days after my surgery, my doctors gave me the all clear to go home. Sadly, on the same day, I was struck with a rather uncomfortable bout of nausea and decided to stay in hospital for another day to make sure it wasn’t going to get any worse. My surgeon suggested that it may … Continue reading

Posterior Fossa Decompression: part 3

My first afternoon in the ward was uneventful, aside from standing up and walking around the bed for the first time with the aid of a physiotherapist. I chatted cheerfully with my family (while itching quite a bit from the fentanyl, but it didn’t really bother me) and then settled down for sleep. Here began … Continue reading

Posterior Fossa Decompression: part 2

The first thing I remember after waking up from surgery in the ICU was being happy. Really happy. I don’t think my family were with me when I first woke up, but I didn’t really mind. The next thing I remember is laughing and smiling with my family, attempting to make peace and metal signs … Continue reading

Posterior Fossa Decompression: part 1

I’ve been putting off writing the full story of what my surgery was like, as I’ve really had my heart set on doing the tale justice and providing an accurate and honest account of my experiences, but the truth is that no words will ever adequately explain what it was like to be disabled, have … Continue reading


Two nights before my admission to hospital, my family and local friends got together to celebrate my upcoming challenge with a feast in Viking style. We all got some ridiculous costumes in order, then everyone helped in the kitchen to prepare the meal of vegetable soup, baked potatoes, loaves of bread, a selection of goats, … Continue reading